7 years back and 7 years ahead

Seven years ago I was working at Nokia, and that autumn I visited Toronto, Canada. We were benchmarking IT  management practices related to open source software development with IBM, and I was attending CASCON 2009. There were presentations related to Google Wave, software development at IBM & RIM, use of  Second Life for IBM meetings, collaborative meetings with academia, companies and students etc.  And while at Toronto I attended local systems science group meeting, visited Lulu Lemon store to check out their customer interaction & feedback practices and met with Global Intelligence Alliance people related to project we were working on. In the mornings I swam in outside swimming pool while it was snowing. We visited local Chinese grocery store, went to Ethiopian & Vietnamese restaurants and we set up a website for me with David Ing and  got domain name, and started my blog.

My intention was not to become a blogger, I wanted to learn, try out blogging in order to understand motivations, practices, advantages and disadvantages, Just recently I found an old  folder  “ideas for blog posts”.  My blog was named as Quest & Reflections and that has really happened thoroughly in our life.

So much has happened since. Nearly everything has changed. We have started up two companies, there has been three new homes,  three new jobs and  many development projects. Also many travels across the world ~ Africa, US, Japan, Europe, versatile life. Life is different, world is different. I was just reading about the future, unpredictable turbulent changes in economical and political arenas. For the next seven years there will be major changes ahead in the Finnish society and in the world, hopefully for the better.

It’s time to get back to blogging – quest and reflections.  Change of layout, thinking, writing and sharing.

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