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Autumn time – joys of gardening

One of my dreams for a long,long time has been own garden. I had one our home at Espoo, it was rather sad to leave it behind. Yet I also knew, there would be time for own garden again.  Now, I enjoy first harvest from new garden boxes. Just to try them out I planted zuccini, aubergines (mini black and white), spinach, lettuce, ruccola, herbs, chili, red pepper, tomato, onions, raddish …  and now I am rewarded with results and made Ratatouille  from my own garden products.  Delightful !

Murakami bookInteresting week ahead  – tomorrow Municipality markets at Helsinki, meeting with InnoSoring Catch project people to prepare project proposal for TEKES. And then meeting with Jim Kijima from Tokyo Tech about potential related Haruki Murakami’s new book, where his main character visit Hämeenlinna and Finland. On last Friday we had a small get together at Cafe Laurel by the market square. Book was an interesting read, visit to Nagoya and Tokyo made it even more so. Also envisioning the places around the Häme Region.

On weekend we were scouting new pitstops for cycling routes, we have been checking out this summer. They are nearly done, just a final assembly of various bit and pieces of information. We wanted to add  some lakes and nice places for swimming to the routes. It’s great to have them ready for the next summer.  Collecting data on routes takes time.

Within a couple of weeks we will have an event for Finnish Graduate Engineer Association members at Häme Region – last year in November we had one and nearly 60 people participated.  This year theme is The Future Challenges of Production – indusry 4.0., digitalization and industrial internet. Looking forward!

Today I attended a lecture at Open University here aat Hämeenlinna – theme was arts, health and wellbeing. Really interetsting session by Irene Wai Lwin Moe. Next week will be the first meeting of Creative Business Forum at Häme Region,  I have been looking into statistics, and meeting people but now wanted to expand my mind with arts. Made graphic notes – that happens when theme is really interesting and meaningful for me personally.

On the weekend I had opportunity to visit Porkkala Manor House and garden at Lammi, Hämeenlinna.  Interesting place an old manor house with a garden shop and  they are renovating an old garden, and organizing tours. These places are so special – looking very forward visiting again.  Nice ideas for my own garden.


There are so many things happening – many ideas, and projects starting, exciting times.

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