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Autumn time – update

Autumn leaves

Summer turned to autumn already quite some time ago. At the end of August we moved again, but this time to the other side of General’s House. We enjoyed the neighburghood so much, that we decided to stay here for a while.  Now we have a grand fire place in the living room, which is so nice in the dark rainy nights.

Now in the new home we have most of the things settled even upgraded internet connection.  August was exciting and intense. We had a German exchange student Alexander for 10 days, several weekend events, bicycle tours and parties, some relaxed evenings by summer cottage and mushroom picking. There were African art excihibitions and  even an artistic bicycle-garden -caravan by Ilona Valkonen in Häme Art 2011 event. About that I just have to write more later.


Autumn pics

Recently when we were going to the walk towards nearby park with our dogs, I spotted a little statue in our own garden. Lovely idea, sharing joy to others. The Town park was build in 1800’s and continues to share enjoyment as well. It is well maintained, pavillions repainted, paths reconstructed.

Autumn walk to Park

And to my personal delight, the work around the garden pavillion seems to have started. The area is now cleared of fallen branches and over grown bushes were trimmed during the summer. Interesting to follow how this will emerge over the time.

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