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Back to blogging – September reflections

First a short update

  • New job since March 2014, as a Senior Adviser at Regional Council of Häme
  • My sister Kati and her three cats moved back to Finland after ~ 25 years at United States, she lived with us this summer, and works at our Linnan Pyöräverstas – LinnaBikeShop
  • So even though we have not been moving, people and animals have been moving in and out of our house – from February to August
  • Now in addition to two dogs Ronja & Linda – we have now a Russian dwarf hamster – Aatu and an adopted cat – Taavi

This morning we discussed how quickly summer has passed. Because of new job no vacation for me this summer and Pete did only his traditional scuba diving trip to Åland and one long weekend motorcycle trip with his friends.

It has been quite a while since I have been blogging – life has been rather intense and hectic again.  Yet it is so good to sit down and think about what has happened, and think about the future as well.  What brought me back to blogging ?  Maybe it’s time for more reflection again, after an intense period of life, maybe it’s about sharing, maybe it’s about renewal.    I have been using other social media channels extensively, trying out new tools and platforms, utilizing old ones – like Häme wiki – at work.  But somehow these blog posts on my own personal blog feel best for reflection. An other trigger was a mid-year review discussions at work, which are due this week. I have been promoting openness and open data, so why not prepare for the discussion openly.

As a Senior Adviser at Regional Council of Häme my role is to help in starting up new development activities across Häme Region. Häme programme – for 2014-2017 – sets the scene for development and longer term strategic perspective looks all the way to year 2040 ~  25 years from now beyond my own retirement age.
Häme Programme – ”Words Are Deeds”
The Häme programme is a strategic programme shaping the future of the region. It includes a regional strategic plan -> 2040 and a regional development programme 2014-2017. The aim of the programme is to show the direction into which the region will be developed and to gather resources so that various themes and ideas can be implemented.

The region will be developed so that ”people can and want to work and live in Häme”. Sustainable success of the region is achieved through intelligent and specialized choices. Through joint discussions, the following were chosen as key components of the Häme programme:

1) growth corridors and accessibility,
2) housing and well-being,
3) bioeconomy and a sustainable use of natural resources,
4) possibilities within the manufacturing industry as well as
5) international linkages and attractiveness.

The Häme programme will be implemented. The aim is to create development entities that are large enough and have enough impact.In order to be able to implement these, municipalities, regions, regional networks, state, the European Union
as well as enterprises need to contribute with resources.

So what I have been up to since March 17th –

  • We are piloting a simple portfolio tool for various development activities across the region in order to get a big picture of various initiatives, we have done first two demo sessions, and development is well on its way
  • I have been looking into several areas – and collected information into Häme wiki — pages openly  (in Finnish)
    • main statistics and numbers related cities and municipalities in the region – and visited various corners of the region during the summer, looked into regional land use plan and have joined in the discussion related to open data and its  possibilities  (Häme wiki: Avoin data Kanta-Hämeessä.)
    • tourism information across the Häme region – site will be renewed and organizations related to tourism are currently under transformation – more detailed look into equestrian tourism  (tourism related to horses…) – which has been one of the focus areas in the region (Häme wiki: Matkailua Kanta-Hämeessä & Hevosmatkailua)
      • started a Facebook group to test out more participatory approach to share travel information at Häme Region (FB-group:  Matkailua Kanta-Hämeessä)
    • foresight practices – and how to conduct them at Häme Region (Häme wiki: Ennakointia Kanta-Hämeessä)
    • info on creative industries at Häme Region – for preparation for a multiregional working group /committee related to the theme  (Häme wiki: Luovat alat Kanta-Hämeessä)
    • collected information on entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship & various development activities & initiatives across Häme Region (Häme-wiki:  Yrittäjyyttä Kanta-Hämeessä)
    • started preparations for National Technology Entrepreneurship Days in October 6-7, 2015 at Verkatehdas, Hämeenlinna – in collaboration with national and local organizations.

Most of these themes will continue during the autumn – looking very much forward.

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