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Back to own computer with Ubuntu and blogging …

It has been actually since April I blogged previous time.  After my own computer crashed. I kind of waited until I would have my own machine.  And now I finally have my very own, new , but old computer finally working.

Decided tot put up with the work computer without admin rights from Aalto University, until there would be touch screen computer available in the shops, that I could get for my personal use. Well it happened a bit differently than I had expected. So I have been waiting for new Windows 8 computers to finally arrive to Finland. I have been using touch computers for 3-4 years now, and they are just about to arrive here, finally. But then David Ing helped and installed Linux Ubuntu to my old Dell XT Latitude.  I had given up on that machine long time ago, it gave me blue screen nearly daily, and Vista was totally impossible at times, and it took forever to start. But I liked touch UI, it makes things so much faster.

So having a work computer with no admin rights is just plain wrong. You kind of swallow it, if you have to, but in the future I never will. Never, ever again!  You are supposedly more protected, and could have support, but at what price. It makes things slower, and more boring, you are not capable develop your own working practices, you loose capability to test new apps, try out new things, it limits creativity, willingness to change …    And you loose the fun of discovery, actually you partially loose your innovation capability.

And touch UI is just so much better for me. Faster and more ergonomic.  And what services and capabilities  I missed most:

  • Tweetdeck, for using Twitter with multiple accounts @MinLii,  @LinnaBikeShop, and @INSCOproject
  • Thunderbird allowing access  to all e-mail accounts, faster reading, faster transfer from one account to an other,
    faster and better search … so much better holistic view to all messages
  • Skype, lasted versions of Flash … accesss to the latest versions of anything
  • Use of all social media sites is just so much faster with touch UI
  • Drawing apps with touch UI, working with pics and making presentations  …

So happy!  So many things to learn related to Ubuntu and using this computer still.
But really I dont mind learning new things, I enjoy it!

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