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Back to running … and to HeiaHeia

Past months have been a bit hectic, and just before Xmas I got a persistent flu, and in addition it has been really, really cold for a while. Now finally there is a bit more time, days are a bit milder (only -8C today) and I went running with doggies around lakeside route – 55 min & 6.5 km to snow blizzard and wind. It felt so good … and Ronja & Linda are the best running buddies ever. They seem to enjoy that as well. I got dog running belt for Xmas, and it really makes running with dogs easier. After a while I’ll get back to my running program.


A while ago I started recording again exercises to HeiaHeia. I have been using HeiaHeia since June 2009. For November and December  I stopped recording things, since all I seemed to be doing was moving boxes and cleaning, and occasional snow shoveling.  There were not even walks with dogs, since Ronja’s leg was operated and she needed time to recover. Now luckily Ronja’s leg is better and moving is over.  For HeiaHeia there has been new user interface development, new statistics, annual views, possibility to add notes and sick days etc. etc. Friends cheers and comments are still the best thing.

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