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Change or too chicken to change?

So time ago there was an article in Helsingin Sanomat monthly magazine about Zimbabwe, what has happened there during past 30 years.  Some people ruin their own life, some make life of their families and friends miserable, some destroy companies small and large.  And some destroy countries and cultures. Now Zimbabwe is in the fourth place in Failed State Index. How sad is that?

Chicken to change 2I was reminded by possibilities of change when visiting South-Africa. Firstly by a video by Freshlyground and  ZA News –  Chicken to Change.

A really good video on Zimbabwe, and change, a political satire. And second approach to change, more positive and concrete one was given by amazing people at RLabs – ReConstructed Living Lab.  They are definitely not too chicken to change, not afraid to drive for change making life better in their challenging neighborhood. 20110518_025They are facilitating a social revolution and changing lives of their own and quite a few others by using social media. RLabs team is giving on-line counseling via Jamiix, running RLabs Academy, and they are involved in many other things and constantly looking new ways to help their community.  It was so good to see them in action and helping people by Waterfront at Cape Town when team of RLabs people were running social media surgery and  promoting for Vote for Table Mountain campaign.

20110518_035 In Rlabs team there were people from core team, geeky moms, seniors groups etc. all helping  people how dropped by to learn more about using social media and voting for Table Mountain.  It was quite a nice surprise to meet Freshground people at by Waterfront,   Freshlyground were supporting the campaign as well. Here on the left is Angelo assisting  Zolani Mahola to vote.   20110518_048And on the right Zolani and me dancing chicken dance.  Not too chicken for change !

We are constantly changing in so many ways, learning about use of new technologies and ways of working, growing older, and hopefully also learning about life.  Hopefully we can change and make life a little bit better for others as well.  It was so inspiring and motivating to see RLabs team helping others one step at a time.


and few days later there was a blog post related to this theme in Economist

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