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Changing … sometimes it is sudden, sometimes is takes time

The environment can change so quickly – one day we had over 1/2 meter snow – and everything was changed. From the darkness to magical winter wonderland…

… and them after few days nearly all had melted, back to darkness, rain and slush.

So in the middle of this dark season – my old computer decided to retire, and demonstrated some serious signs and it was getting slower, and slower. Since warranty period was long gone, I got to order new computer. And now I’m so happy with my new computer. It is Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC – and it is so delightful and fun. But getting all things organized, it just takes time. Also learning new things related to Vista and Touch and pen UI  is experimental fun, yet time consuming.  This  is mostly exciting, but also frustrating at times.

One thing I noticed that really missed only after a couple of days, was my personalized Flock – browser. It makes web experience so much better, faster and more fun. And writing blogs easier …

At the same time when changing computers, I decided to improve some ways of working:  my personal information management practices, I promised myself to learn to use some new applications, and I’m even planning for some new years resolutions – trying out something new every day / week…  some many interesting things in social media, and so little time – lets see, how this will evolve.

This transfer period from old computer to new one seems to slow things down, maybe it is also good at this time of the year, when nature is slowing down as well.  There has been more time to think :-)

2 thoughts on “Changing … sometimes it is sudden, sometimes is takes time

  1. Yesterday, we had a big dump of snow. Everyone was prepared for it, except the people on 100 flights that didn’t get out of the airport. (Air Canada was offering free changes to anyone who had wanted to fly a day earlier than scheduled).

    As part of my exercise, I did the complete shovelling job, including the laneway out behind the garage. It was light and dry snow. My 21-year-old son Adam went out with friends to try to build snowmen, but the snow was too dry.

    Today, cars have driven over the snow, and everything is packed down. We’re supposed to get more snow tomorrow … so winter is definitely here in Toronto.

  2. Hi David…

    Sounds so good !! Luckily after some dark weeks, today we had some snow, not much, but enough to make a difference :-)

    Merry Xmas !!!

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