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Computer crash and the future backup possibilities

So late Friday evening my computer refused to start – most likely something wrong with cooling fan & Windows operating system. Pete – my husband – is luckily great problem solver. Ice pack under computer and Ubuntu on a stick could start computer, and now all my files and pics are moved to an external drive. This excitement was enough – and now I’m looking for a solution to backup possibilities.

I realized that majority of my files are already somewhere – pics are over Picasa, Google+ and selected ones in Facebook and over WordPress. Some files are in e-mail attachments, some in shared working spaces, some in Google docs, some in Dropbox, some in various data sticks – and some were already on my external drive. Some texts are on blogs/ drafts …. My links are on Delicious and references I’ve started to collect on Zotero. Some presentations are downloaded to Slideshare.  So many various kind of services I have been taking in use over the past 5 years. But it has been quite a while I took any backups.

So there are quite a few options for the future:

  • Dropbox
  • F-Secure  (free, 90 days, 2G, 49.90 € / year unlimited)
  • AVG  LiveKite  (free, 5 G )
  • Crashplan (various options)
  • Carbonite  (59$ / year, unlimited)
  • Google Docs
  • Picasa – automatic upload from mobile phone
  • Site5 – where I have account offers space, but how to set up automatic backup practice?

The solution would need to be

  • easy to set it up and then automatic – I just don’t seem to remember to move / save my files into another place
  • AND/OR I would need to change my working habits and do all writing/editing with some cloud service when possible.

I also have data and files for many purposes – personal use, work files for INSCO project and new projects plans, various articles & presentations, teaching materials, study & dissertation materials, LinnaBike Shop materials and so on. d.

But now I’m so happy that my files are saved, and stored in two locations, but I really want to find a longer term solutions for backing up and also sharing my work. Quest continues …

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