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Discussion on Social Media – enabling factors, power shifts

In March 2010 we met in Nokia House with to discuss various aspect of social media – with Matti Hämäläinen (research director from Aalto University), Marlon Parker (researcher, blogger, social innovator and entrepreneur from CapeTown, ReConstructed Living lab), Tuija Aalto (social media expert & blogger, from YLE, Finnish Broadcasting Company),  Karoliina Pekkarinen (digital native, social media trainee from Nokia), also Ming Kwan (social media expert from Nokia IT & Social media ) dropped in for a while.

While we were discussing, sharing experiences & thoughts and learning together.  I was making notes, visualizing our discussion themes into flip chart  papers on the table. Creating pictures  captures the discussion and also shares views while discussion is on-going. This enables taking themes into different, hopefully deeper level, and also can support sharing & learning,  especially if people in discussion have visual memory.

Tuija later asked me to share the pictures, she is currently writing a book on social media – her second book on this theme, and she wanted to revisit some of our shared thoughts. So I promised to share pictures and blog about this theme.

We discussed about our personal activities related use of social media,  enabling factors, barriers of entry and other challenges.  And we discussed about power and social media.  Inspiring thoughts – about how does social media change power elements in organizations, politics, decision making etc.  Social media breaks up traditional organizational and communication patterns – induces change, brings up issues, challenges, in different way – it also brings solutions.  Use of social media enables power shifts – in companies, in communities in societies, its about empowerment and inclusion.  Transformations can be radical, for living, working, and learning. Of cause our discussion was much richer than the pictures above, yet they provide possibility to revisit and remember.

2 thoughts on “Discussion on Social Media – enabling factors, power shifts

  1. @minlii The photos make a big difference. I clicked through and looked at them on my big monitor, and got the gist … and then when I re-read the paragraph following, realized that it said some of the same content.

    Text is so … linear.

  2. Agree fully – pictures & text capture discussions so much better than text alone.

    And I’m still looking for device & SW that would enable making such notes easily with laptop. Usability of touch screen was not yet good enough …

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