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Exploration into use of social media continues

My personal exploration into use of social media and collaborative ways of working continues. LinnaBikeShop has agreed to participate as a pilot company into Vidico – project – Visibile Digital Competence.

VIDICO (Visible Digital Competence) makes competence visible with digital contents. The needs of different types of actors are unified with the help of the VIDICO project to make competence and its utilisation visible. Actors participating in the project include, among others, the public, education and private sectors as well as the users of different services.

They were looking for SME companies to participate, and it was really timely for us from many aspects. For the bikeshop it supports documentation of our basic activities from the very beginning and for the research perspective it provides good view into utilization of social media in the small business context.

It is only 4 months I left Nokia, and quite a lot has happened.  Just recently there was a nice blog post in Nokia Conversations about the Socila Media tools within Nokia. For a small company many of similar tools are available,  some of them for free, or with very moderate costs.

So today – I have been creating LinnaBikeShop – Intranet  pages – with Google Sites – providing free websites and wikis.  Pages will be evolving during the following months  and we will have workshop session with Vidico -project people and social media experts.   And I’m quite happy, that one of them is Harri Lakkala from Tehostamo.  Actually Harri was involved most of the Social Media tools created for Nokia people. And we used to work together 😉  Finland is more like a club than a country.

Looking very much forward !!

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