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Finnish Cyclists’ Federation, creative business, apples and things

Past week has been again rather intesive – these September weeks are packed with endings and also new beginnings.

PyoraliittoOne of the major new beginnings was the founding meeting of the Finnish Cyclists’ Federation over the last weekend. On Saturday we worked in groups and Sunday was the official meeting.  I participated in preparations in 2010. That time there was not enough momentum. But this time about 30 people from Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu, Espoo and Hämeenlinna got together at Aitolahti, Tampere complemented with  Danish and Dutch expertice.  I had been helping out with preparations over the summer mainly online. At Aitolahti we worked on communications with people really excited and interested about the theme.  And during this week the new Facebook page got over 1 800 likes, and the news about new association and the Tampere Declaration were published across Finland in several newspapers. Our extended comms team is working via facebook group getting internal and external practices going and it’s great to see things progressing well.

In the meeting people composed the Tampere Declaration as a starting point for the new association.


During the week a got to read peoject proposal and start with evaluation process. It is interesting to be on the other side of the table evaluating proposals instead of making them. I really should write a blog post about the tips how to write a great proposal, and how to save effort and time for everybody. Over the Tuesday evening I tutoring class on Leadership and Business , revisiting themes I was teaching at New Jersey Institute of Technology over 14 years ago. Historic organization theories are the same, but my own perspectives have changed after working over 10 year in indusrty and starting up two companies.  It was a nice and active group – looking forward for the next sessions.

There were meetings and sessions at Hämeenlinna, Forssa, Helsinki and Lahti – workshops, Creative Business Forum kickoff, visit to Kantola Event park which iscurrently being built,  discussion about Haruri Murakami book with Hämeenlinna City people,  early discussions about potential co-operation between Lahti and Häme Region. On Friday presenation about portfolio tool we have been developing over the summer got good responses.

HämeHerkku ReittiLoppiReittiTammelaReittiAlso in the evenings I finalized three cycling routes across Hämeenlinna, Hattula, Loppi, and Tammela. We had been collecting data, checking out points of interest, and taking pictures over the summer. Intense again, yet so interesting inspiring. However, during the week arrived a message that Google Maps will be changing during this autumn.  So we need to revisit materials in the new platform. I have been testing it with my own maps, unfortunately the features seem to be a lot more limited.  Well platforms and tools tend to change and I want to make sure that these stay intact for a couple of years and the basic data will be stored somewhere. Now all data is in one Google Docs document and also in Google maps. So here are the current versions – in Finnish

  • Pyöräretki Herkkujen Hämeeseen –,24.513245&spn=0.39555,1.352692
  • Perinnemakuja luontoreitillä Tammelassa,23.865738&spn=0.200066,0.676346
  • Sadonkorjuun pyöräretki Lopella

On Saturday I worked at Linna BikeShop Cafe – Kati, my sister, currently running the cafe was on a cruise.  This is our own creative business, enabling combining various ideas together, working with customers and stakehilders, micxture of old  and new,  art, design, recycling and technology. Such a delight to meet and discuss with friends and customers and getting direct feedback and comments.

And over the Sunday – it was time to clean the house, get ready for the frosty nights, pick apples and also relax a bit with an other Murakami book 1Q84 Vol1. Fascinating – personally it also sometimes feels that I live in multiple and mixed realities.  That keeps life interesting.

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