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Hectic days in the midst of winter

December has been hectic – we knew that already earlier, we are currently moving both our home and the bike shop, and I’m setting up a new research project.

At home there are so many things – some of them treasures, memories of  our travels to different corners of the world,  papers related to my thesis and research, and junk, to be honest so much junk.  We still have six days to clear up and move the rest of our home.

During the past days Pete has been focusing in moving the old bike shop. That  was an ultimate example of a huge junk collection. All mixed up into clutter: old parts, new parts, used parts, trash, junk, and dirt.  It is just amazing how much stuff previous owner had been collecting into these premises during the past two years. Within two years, the whole place + some extra storage spaces had been so totally packed with stuff.  In the beginning it was actually hard to move around, and nearly impossible to find anything.  And place had hardly been cleaned at all within past two years – it was messy, dirty, dusty, disorganized…   I have video of the place from August 2010 in my N900, and some day I’ll share that.

This was actually the “contradictory benchmarking experience” in the midst of planning new innovative services and business models – it is elementary also to remember to focus on basics. Luckily we can also learn from negatives, mistakes and “bad ” examples.  Intensive recycling practices &junk yard mentality had led into chaos. This was like a worse practice – opposite example, negative business case… no inventory records, no customer records – a huge dirty mess, both in the physical shop and with papers.  In the old shop premises  we really had to concentrate not to nag, complain and bitch, not fall into negative thoughts eating up the energy. Pete needed to focus on to sort out things (new, used, useful, for recycling, junk…)  clean, pack and move.  Over  1 500 kg  of metal junk were taken to recycling center. We got help from family and friends  – that was so much needed.  And luckily now all that is nearly done !!!

But what did we learn – back to the basics

  • context, environment and physical space is so elementary important – and keeping places and things organized, clean, pleasant  can make such a difference  –
  • having the inventory, parts, and papers in good order saves time, nerves and money and it is so much worth all that trouble to have things well organized
  • setting up service area  in the way that is easy to operate, tools and things needed are in good shape and  in their places

Having basics in place leaves also room – both physical and mental –  for creativity, learning and innovation – and we’d better remember that in the future.

At Verkatehdas  we cleaned for the first time yesterday evening and set up a temporary cleaning corner. Next will be temporary coffee table &  renovation planning area.  The renovation work will start soon, based on agile principles with visual, flexible project plans.  Time to move forward…

And in the middle of  packed days INSCO project preparation is also moving ahead – contacting potential  international and domestic partners, preparing application templates and presentations, contacting company partners, preparing project and dissemination plans etc. etc.  but more on that later.
Days are packed.

One thought on “Hectic days in the midst of winter

  1. @minlii Your contradictory benchmarking experience sounds a lot like anti-patterns. (I like the original description on the better than the writeup on Wikipedia, as the original spirit tends to be more about practices, and the latter description is more centered on software development).

    Restarting does seem to give you the full opportunity to reevaluate the detritus accumulated in life. Your positive attitude is commendable.

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