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Hugging Monday – sharing hugs and smiles

20101115_007 Today there was Hugging Monday event by Narikkatori in Helsinki.  From 8 am to 10 am volunteers, Hug Berns (cute dogs)  and people from Voi Hyvin  magazine were sharing hugs and greeting for happy Hugging Monday. There were so many busy people passing by on their way from and to Kamppi bus & metro stations.  Hundreds of hugs, and even more smiles were shared.

It was incredible feeling seeing people being hugged, smiling happily – a  little bit of warmth and caring shared in rainy, cold November morning.

20101115_015Some people collected several hugs when walking across the square. One older gentleman told that he had not been hugged for 50 year.  Wow Elina, we started this :-)


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