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Intensive life

Since April so many things have happened, our life has been rather intensive.
So during May, June, July, August, September, October … of year 2012.

We bought a new home for us, an old house with a large garden, with apple trees and we moved here in June. It takes time to settle in. We decided not to do any renovation, and relax during the summer. But somehow there just seemed to be hundred plus one things to do. Pete’s father started some projects, then more projects – and suddenly we realized that our original idea of relaxing summer had been taken over of endless tasks. Well, we get that shorted out, and now it’s time out, no major renovations.

2012-10-27 20.00.53

During spring and summer I have been travelling conferences to IFSR at Linz, Austria, to IST Africa at Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania and to ISSS at San Jose, California. I have been meeting people, doing interviews, making presentations, written papers, reports and hired new people to our INSCO project. We have been preparing proposals for new projects. Our SPINN project – Speed in Innovation Ecosystems got funded by TEKES in October. Now we have been kicking off SPINN, writing report for INSCO, and book chapters on Sourcing Services & Innovation.

At our LinnaBikeShop summer has been really active as well, we hired new people for our LinnaBikeShop. There has been quite a few events: 1st of May celebration at Verkatehdas, Pop-up-maintenance event, breakfast event for bicycle commuters, Bikenic & bicycle exhibition at Verkatehdas, August Fair at Hämeenlinna, presentation about the First Year of Linna BikeShop at EoNoll – Summer School in Espoo and about promoting cycling at  National Traffic Conference at Turku. We had a stand at recycling day by Hämeenlinna Market Square and we attended the first  Wärkfest event at Kaapelitehdas Helsinki we had a stand and a presentation about love to bicycles.  So much has happened.

Our wonderful coffee machine La Marzocco was taken in use in May, and cafe menu has been extended, first Benita and then Reetta have been just wonderful.  And Salla is a natural barista, eager to learn more. I have been practicing also, bu my latte art looks more like aliens and exploded chickens. In the autumn – apple trees in our garden surprised us with loads and loads  of apples. So we have had an apple party, made juice, cider, mashed apples, jam, shredded apples, pies, gobblers … and I have taken baskets filled with apples both to work and to our bike shop.

2012-09-22 20.06.41

Pete bought an old inventory of bicycle parts during our vacation and started teaching 3  classes on geographic measurement at HAMK – Häme University of Applied Science.  I have been working with Konseptori people at HAMK with students projects, and we have plans for TingaTinga bicycle for next summer. And the first set of TingaTinga art and paintings are now at Naivists Iittala Xmas exhibition “Wonder of Light”.

So days have been loooong and intensive, and now in the dark days of November, I realize that my focus to well-being, healthy food and exercise could have been better. So I’m planning to start yoga, a healthy diet and “dancing my ass off”  some weeks before leaving for Tanzania. Then I’ll be there for six weeks for interviews and writing, and there is also enough time for starting a personal transformation.  Patience, focus and  then gradual progress step-by-step …  applies to home, to work at Aalto University, to business at Linna BikeShop and to personal well-being.

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