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Interesting times for INSCO Project, Ideas Project & Linna BikeShop

Spring is always time for new things – renewal, creation and hope.  And currently there are so many things emerging.

INSCO project Innovation in Sourcing Competenciesis now at final evaluation stage at TEKES, and final decisions of project funding are expected to be made this week, by the end of March. Just updated project plans, budgets, presentations, executive summaries etc.  all materials were on last Friday, even the deadline was today. So all should be ready for the decision meeting.  So exciting !!!

We already had a joint seminar session with ESCO -project at Aalto University last week.  Professor Eero Eloranta shared his views on the future challenges for the Finnish companies in the global economy, importance of innovation & renewal, and to support these activities with sourcing. Ari Erkinharju discussed importance of relationships with suppliers over the time, and how to analyzing and developed co-operative, trusted relationships with suppliers. Personal relationships are so important and remembering that after all we all are human.

We also had my former colleagues from Nokia – Pia Erkinheimo and Karoliina Harjanne to share their view on opportunities and future plans on crowdsourcing also in B2B context – really interesting.  They had just launched a new crowdsourcing flatform – .


I am so happy and proud to see this site up and running , since I used to work for this project before leaving Nokia.  We worked so hard to make it happen, and Pia just made it happen despite of all turbulence.  She and the whole team are just so amazing, and it was such a pleasure to work with them. Also Igot a brand new copy from Karo’s Master Thesis – “Developing a New Global Idea Creation Platform – Case Idea Market Place”, that I had been instructing. Will add the link when an on-line copy is available.

And of cause the launch of the site is only the beginning looking so much forward to the future. And of cause I have already some own ideas cooking in the site for the next challenge.

And last weekend we had preliminary opening party at the LinnaBikeShop – celebrating 30 years anniversary together with Pete 26.3. , Pete’s birthday 27.3. and life. But more on that later with pics 😉

So life has been quite busy and I have neglected blogging, and some other important areas in my life lately – now it’s time to start focusing more to well being, healthy eating, exercising and gardening  (got my own InDoor Garden )  and a bit later also back to studies.

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