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Life, work, travel and we found a new home …

The first three months for year 2012 have been quite intensive. There just has not been time for blogging, this might have been the longest break since 2008 when I started blogging.  Now I finally needed to stop and think for a while what has been happening.

Days have been packed with INSCO -project. There has been travels to Japan, giving presentations in 5th Service Science  Symposium and related workshop at Tokyo Tech, and visit to Denmark  and presentation in the first Innovation in Business Network Seminar at Kolding. We have been organizing company workshop on crowdsourcing with Dimar and DIP2 projects at Design Factory, such an interesting session with good discussion. I’ve been giving lectures & presentations for Studio 3 class, MQ Pro program, MQ Club and Service Purchasing and Supply Management course. And writing papers and making presentations related to sourcing and innovation. Now our research team includes Mervi, Pia and Fan, and we got new space close to Value Networks research group.

With Denmark visit there was an early visit to spring, such a joy to see spring flower in the surrounding forest and garden.

White spring flowers_2

We had great “summer” vacation in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania visiting our friends Kristiina, Pepe and Irene. I got to visit TANZICT innovation space , participate  the first Girls Night Out MoMo Dar event and  facitated a session on business idea creation with active group of young people from Morogoro. We relaxed, read books, cycled around Oyester Bay,  and even tried out Body Combat session with Jukka at the roof top.

But in Finland, we have had a lot of snow this year. And now we are even waiting for a white “Easter”, which is rather exceptional. Luckily our neighborhood is so very beautiful with snow. And the colors by the evening walk match to the TingaTinga paintings from Tanzania.


Our Linna Bikeshop is doing well, the first year has been quite a learning journey, and now the spring season is gradually starting. We were so delighted to get Pelago bicycles and Brooks saddles for our selection, and even more happy to get Alf Holmberg to work for us as a professional trainee. His amazing wooden bike is in our bikeshop.  Gradually things, places, practices and us get more organized and it’s a lot easier to plan and implement various activies. It’s so amazing to think that last year at this time we were renovating our space at Verkatehdas and prepearing for the opening.

So when things slowed down for winter in January & February we started looking for a new home for us, and luckily found a house our friends were selling next to the Forest Park of Aulanko. Some renovation work will be needed and we are gradually planning things for house, and garden. So we will move again in June and finally we will have a own house here in Hämeenlinna with a garden and apple trees. There is a small cottage in the garden that will be a guest house, the other side of basement of the house will be renovated, as well as kitchen, we need to build a garage for Pete, and a fence around the garden for dogs, and Tomi would like to have a full scale skate ramp. So it seems that the following months will be intense again in a good way.

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