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Quick update on many things … dreams coming true

Time really flies and so many things are happening, so it’s better to give even a short update about the dreams coming true …

  • INSCO Project got finally final decision at TEKES – so it will funded and so will be parallel projects by KoneCranes, NSN and Teleste – so dream about own TEKES project is now true…
  • I was elected to TEK’s  – Finnish Engineering Association’s Council – news came this week  – looking forward !
  • We got first Pashley bicycles to Linna BikeShop, and also cafe machines arrived today, looks like we will be able to open cafe side sooner than we expected – so Pete’s  dream about selling these wondersul bicycles came true !
  • I miss my garden so much  – but luckily yesterday  I found out from neighbor lady that in nearby park  (Kaupungin Puisto) there are amazing spring flowers and today I found wonderful place for yoga and we can plant flowers to our own yard as well – so dream about garden will become true.
  • We will get amazing La Marzocco GB5 to our cafe within a couple of weeks, and people from Turun Kahvipaahtimo (Turku Coffee Roastery) will also train us how to use it, and we will get our coffee beans from there – so dream about making really good coffee is closer …  plenty to learn in that area, so during Easter weekend we might be heading towards Turku.
  • … and our Linna Bikeshop  “Linnan Pyöräverstas”  will be officially opening May 1st, and it looks like we will have necessary permits ready for that … and also web site is soon ready …   more dreams coming true…

So many things have happened since October, and so many dreams are just about coming true. Thank you all drear friends about help and encouragement, we would not have achieved this without you !!!  Life is good !!!

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