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Scouting out interesting things for the bikeshop via Social media

This first part written in September, 2010 So we are preparing for starting a Linna Bikeshop, and of cause we are scouting for things we can learn from, talking to friends and peers at work, possible customers,  looking around spotting interesting bikes, people cycling for fun and to work. We pay more attention to adds in news papers, got some magazines and books And in the evening scouting continues via  internet and social media. They offer such a good visibility to trends and themes in the world of cycling in Finland and globally. This is market research and benchmarking made fun, easy and interactive. Scouting the web and use of Delicious bookmarks

  • bookmarking interesting and useful websites related to cycling
  • identification of stakeholders: local, national international
  • looking for events and cycling happenings
  • following blogs
  • checking out bikeshop webpages, their products and servives

Setting up e-mail account, shared calendar and shared space for documents with Google. Use of Twitter  – @LinnaBikeShop

  • following cyclists, bikeshops, manufacturers
  • checking out trends and themes related to cycling and cycles
  • pictures, interesting ideas

**** March 2011  – so much has happened and all of those social media tools are still in use.  They have been really helpful during the past few months.  Currently we are building intranet with Google Sites, looking for good practices of managing customer information, etc. etc.  Next Monday we will have a workshop session with Vidico -project people.  One of the team coaching us – is my former colleague from Nokia times, Harri Lakkala, currently working for Tehostamo. Looking very much forward!

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