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Sometimes my friends or colleagues ask how do I keep up with – family & friends, work & studies, garden & hobbies etc. And do I spend most of my time by computer… Have not really measured that, but yes lately I have spent quite a lot of time in my favorite armchair with laptop, since writing a dissertation just takes time. However, there has to be time for personal recreation as well. And for me that is time with the family & gardening.

For social media and following my favorite blogs, I have tried to make it as easy as possible. So I use Flock – a social media browser for connections to Facebook & Flickr, for following some of the favorite blogs and for my own blogging as well. Flock provides a one stop shop for all social media connections & internet activities. It requires a bit of tailoring for own your needs, but it is worth it, afterwards usability is great.

And what kind of blogs do I follow …
currently a very limited selection, since I should spend more time writing than reading.

  • Coevolving Innovations & Distractions, reflections… by David Ing , David is a long time friend working for IBM – and he has been personal guide into the virtual worlds & social media since 1999. In 2000 David built a virtual Systemic Business Community of liked minded group of people, so we could be better connected, even we are continents apart. And David records there all meetings, presentations, recordings, & notes etc. Notifications of these came to my e-mail before I even knew what RSS was … He also set a virtual working space for Rendez project, where I started experimenting with blogs, and posted some innovation related things.
  • ELSUA ~ A KM blog by Luis Suarez – Luis I met in iForum event in Zurich, and before the meeting David who had followed Luis’s blog for a longer time and been in contact him yet never met face-to-face, recommended me to talk with Luis. A great guy – and writes about really interesting things related to social media.
  • Gumption by Joe McCarthy – My ex-Nokia colleague, we have met in real life and in SecondLife. Joe has been blogging for years before joining Nokia and also after leaving Nokia. Interesting reflective blogs, from multitude of things… and social media :-)
  • What’s Next by Roo Reynolds – Roo I met also in iForum meeting. He is a Virtual world evangelist in IBm, actually I had been reading his writings in the Eightbar blog a year earlier, when I was investigating business presence in SecondLife.
  • Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang – Jeremiah is a senior analyst in Forrester Research. His blog I run into at work, and he was also recommended by Luis. Jeremiah writes about social networking & social media, very interesting posts.
  • What’s Next Consulting by Elina Hiltunen. We used to work together at Helsinki University of Technology and Elina is working with the future research and weak signals.
  • Oikeita totuuksia by Eero Holmila. With Eero we have met a couple of times. We is a founding member of Kotikokki and did his master thesis on social media and mobile services. I like to follow his observations on social media.

And for personal recreation I follow blogs by an other Elina :

So it seems I mostly follow blogs of the people I already know and trust, I have found their thoughts and ideas interesting in a real life and then decided to get connected in virtual world as well. I have not been that active in commenting their writings yet – working with dissertation take most of my capacity. However, their writings have been really valuable for me, for studies, for work and for recreation and fun.

2 thoughts on “Sharing & Learning

  1. Minna, thanks for pointing to my blogs where I’m working out ideas, and my photoblog.

    On Coevolving Innovations, readers may notice that my posts are getting rather long (i.e. 3000 to 4000 words). I suppose that normal graduate students would hand in homework, whereas I’m finding writing on the web provokes me to get things crisper. I suppose that instructors grading homework may eventually have to use web searches to ensure that the less scrupulous aren’t copying my writing … but that’s the way of the web!

    On Distractions, Reflections, I’m way behind on getting photos up on the web. There’s an inverse relationship on speed, since the more I travel, the less time I have to blog. The result is that while I’m trying to catch up, my photoblogging is about five months behind. I’ve had some people say that they only want to see new news, and well as some others who say that they don’t care.

    I’ve found Twitter to be a way of posting once per day (and only once per day) what I’ve been doing. Different people use microblogging in different ways, and I find once per day is enough. It’s proven to at least be helpful for people to discover what city I’m in, since I travel so frequently!

  2. There are so many, countless possible motivations and ways to blog. It has been rather fascinating to observe some of them, and also it has been rather fun to learn how blogs can be used in many ways. And again learning by doing works for me…

    Recently I was in a benchmarking meeting where we discussed challenges of social media for quality management – and we were talking about web 2.0 services. Eero Holmila has been blogging his thoughts on mobile services for quite some time. While we were discussing what quality means in Web 2.0 world – it was very easy to search Eero’s blog, and see what he had been writing about quality. Since he is far more NetGen than any participants in the meeting, people in the meeting were really interested in his thoughts. And actually wanted invite him to efqm conference in Paris. So his blog makes his voice echo longer and lauder in time and place.

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