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Skating Lake Bodom January 2009

Amazingly nice weather over last weekend. We went skating to Lake Bodom, in north Espoo, and the ice was so smooth and clear, that you could see trough it, and the reflections were so clear.  There were quite a few people, yet plenty of space for all.

The nature offered also artistic experiences – small, delightful ice
sculptures,  tiny dog & bird figures and bubbles, captured in the ice. Days like this – I remember why I love winter time, and actually the differences allow us appreciate & enjoy more each season.

In the area there is Oittaa Centre, where you can rent skates, and skiing equipment, and if you dare – have a swim in the icy water. Below is winter swimming area – very cool and very refreshing, sauna facilities and restaurant area are very nice.

Things will be rather hectic during this spring. However, as a new year resolution, I will try to find also time capture some special moments and thoughts in my blog.

This is the first blog post to this with the new computer Dell Latitude XT Touch  Tablet PC , the user experience is just wonderful.  After 6 years of using IBM Think Pad, I wanted to try out something totally new.  Still learning some things of touch UI and Vista … will take some time to get the best out of this new set up.  But now it seems, I would not like to go back to traditional laptop…  Yet it is  a bit annoying that I have  boot the thing rather often, but so far benefits have been exceeding the problems. Tablet is really great for  Social Media.

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