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So many things – eventful life

Life has been very eventful lately.  We have settled to our new old home, yet there has been some moving exercises.  In February we moved and emptied one large storage to several destinations. And in early June Tomi moved to his own apartment, a day after his graduation.  He had told me well in advance that this would happen, so I would be mentally prepared.  He found a nice apartment quite close to our home, went to see it with Pete at 5 pm, and had signed contract and moved in by 9 pm.  This was our fastest move ever, well we have been practicing lately quite a lot.

Tomi’s graduation party was so nice, great to see friends and family. We celebrated in our garden, luckily it was nice warm and sunny.

Eventful week ...

Late May I was in Tanzania for the International Co-innovation Week with a team from Aalto University, at same time as Finnish ministers visit with Team Finland. Great experience again, and I had possibility to visit TingaTinga Art Community in Dar Es Salaam as well.  Also had possibility to meet with cycling people in Dar.

In Finland there was opening of Naivist in Iittala exhibition with TingaTinga art and our bicycle parts as well.  And TingaTinga got such a great reception, and paintings were nearly sold out in two hours. It’s wonderful to see how well things are evolving.  There will be a press event in the beginning of July – looking forward.

We had a nice bicycle tour across country side with 120 people, Häme Region Local Food Bicycle Caravan, with employees from Linna BikeShop. We had visitors from Art in Tanzania in Hämeenlinna, and David Ing visited us for Co-create 2013.   And then it was time for midsummer celebration by our summer cottage, summer nature and delicious food with dear friends, our midsummer relatives for over 20 years.  Our Ronja dog enjoys days at summer cottage so much, every summer she invents new entertainment for herself and us.  Such a delightful and creative dog!


And soon it will be time for the summer vacation and for our summer projects – bigger ones and smaller ones. It’s time to change, creativity and recreation again. During the midsummer celebration we took some time to clean out our old VW van, our project for the summer 2013.  Linda dog spends her time at summer cottage close to us and sun bathing.

Summer project 2013

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