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So what is captured and shared via social media?

This morning I was reading an article by Mashable about capturing and sharing content via digital media apps. Their examples were related to coupons, links and multimedia files.  Nothing extraordinary there, new apps are launched continuously. Yet it got me  thinking what is it actually, what people do share via social media.  What I have seen during past few days …

Statistics on Russian elections…  link to direct broadcasting to Moskow Square and Nobel price celebrations…  newly released Angry Bird video…  links to music videos, articles,  You Tube videos,…  blog post on African Proverbs … short status updates from a trip to abroard … invitations to join in new organizations…  petitions on opening up national map data …  disadvantages of using e-mail on company context … infographic on Xmas tree history …  pictures of moon exclipse … mathematical formula of heart …  glimpses of life.

We share pieces of data, information and knowledge, even in some cases possibilities to get a glimpse of wisdom. We share words, our own and quotes from others, achient provebs and latest news. We share pictures, feelings, about celebrations, but also about concerns – evidence about good and bad.  We share things that made us smile, though us something, things we think are meaningful either for ourselves to remember or for others to see.

And while writing this – I got a tip to google this: (sqrt(cos(x))*cos(200*x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.4)*(4-x*x)^0.1 …Heart

I spy hearts – so it cheered up my mind.  And I can also share the link with my son currently studying and sometimes struggling with  functions :-)

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