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SomeTime2011 – some quick reflections …

Last Friday and Saturday it was finally time for the SomeTime2011 event at Design Factory, by Aalto University in Espoo. It was the second event organized by social media activists in Finland. Last year I was one of the participants. This time I was one of the organizer, and chaired and facilitated some sessions related to social media and research.


Last year was a really good experience, this year it was even better. So many things to learn from this year experience. And now its’ time for quick reflection.

During preparation of SomeTime2011

  • combination of face-to-face & distant participation into planning meetings in flexible way
  • using and testing multiple different on-line tools for streaming, documenting, chatting with wikis, LinkedIn, Facebook groups, events, Bambuser, Connect, …
  • people actively sharing their experiences, links, connections etc.
  • invitations to use test and try out new social media tools

In SomeTime2011 event

  • a lot experimental use of social media for participation, quick documenting, exploratory spirit…
  • good discussions and networking in event and with distant participants
  • Tuija Aalto’s key note – testing audience participation with new technology by HIIT
  • very good session via Skype with Rlabs team in South Africa – so many things that could be shared and learned globally on these themes
  • Helene Auramo’s workshop on use of social media in business context – slides (in Finnish) available in Slideshare
  • Workshop of using cartoons in blogs – triggered thoughts for personal blogging, also use of demos, pilots etc. I drafted a picture on one of our INSCO project research themes during the workshop… more on that later.
  • Quick documentation via video streaming, pictures, tweets, comments … very active and professional use of new technology by tech task force and voluntary participants. I have never attended an event that would be so well documented.
  • In my own sessions – use of mindmap in Mindmeister for real time documenting and sharing … many things to learn still…
  • One thing to remember is the idea of microarticles …  have to think how those could be used in our research group. Here is a good blog post about this theme.
  • …  and many many more … things to remember and share…  need to check out materials from some sessions.


  • There are already invitations to new planning events for SomeTime2012 and use of new social media tools, Bublaa …  very active, and participatory approach …


  • the work will continue in various forums, Facebook, Linked-In, testing out new arenas, learning together in study groups, workshops and webinars etc. etc.

This amazing group of people gives glimpse of the future. New ways of working and how work and connections can be organized in different ways, making it fun, efficient, value adding by innovative and experimental use of social media and new technology.

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