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Special spaces & special patterns & contradictions

Special places and patterns can be very delightful.

In our holiday in South Africa – patio by Ivory Tree Game Lodge and peaceful place by swimming pool at Kristiina’s house offered special places for morning yoga.

The special places can be every where, but do we recognize them, do we take time to enjoy them and do we remember them ?

In Kristiina’s garden I spotted heart shaped “for-get-me-nots”,  like the one I found last summer in our backyard. Little special patterns can also be all around us, but do we perceive them, do we stop to enjoy the beauty – are we able to remember our past experiences.

Contradictions of summer and winter strengthen experiences – opposites of cold and warm, light and darkness. Lately we have been enjoying snow and winter, skiing, skating, making snowmen, long walks by the sea around the nearby islands.

Each season has their own specialties – places and patterns.
Appreciating and enjoying them enriches life.

Things have been a bit hectic lately – taking time to stop and think, percieve and feel, stopping for an experience, delightful sight, sound or smell is fundamentally essential for enjoable life and learning.

2 thoughts on “Special spaces & special patterns & contradictions

  1. Travel expands the mind … but can be wearing on the body. Two weeks after returning home from Tokyo, I think that my body clock still hasn’t recovered to its normal pattern.

    As the temperatures have risen above freezing, and we’ve had a continuous runs of sunny days, I can’t tell whether my body is having to adjust to time — it’s 14 hours difference from Toronto to Tokyo — or to place — as the weather changes while I stay still.

  2. I was just reading a novel about Africa. In the Henning Mankell’s book ” The story on the shore of time” – there was a nice description about coming home … First to arrive are your body & legs, then arrives your heart and finally the head and your mind. It takes time to end up your travel and get settled back into home… it requires transition period that other people at home take in consideration, and they have patience to wait for the stories. In the book they did not talk about differences of time zones :-)

    The book does not seem to have been translated in English.

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