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Sping Collection Collages

Spring collection  collage – yesterday we were sightseeing with David Ing in Hämeenlinna. He is visiting us and Aalto University on the way to conferences in Austria.  While we were walking around our new home town, Hämeenlinna, I started to take pics of water drainage pipes, melting water and ice – inorder to make a picture collace. Pictures are downloaded directly to Google+ and it makes collection out of them automaticly.

Spring collection

Making and sharing collections for various purposes  is quite easy nowadays. So during this Easter, I made also the following collections:

  • Events  around Easter time at Hämeenlinna, this list will be posted to Häme Wiki later. Unfortunately adding new pages was not possible during Easter time. Intent is to create a place where it is easy to find all possible activities around Hämeenlinna in certain timeframe.  I did such a page for Xmas time, and it was very helpful personally, and got some good feedback from others as well.
  • Cycling related clubs, activities and events around Hämeenlinna. This list was done and shared via open group “Hämeenlinnan Pyöräily / Cycling” in Facebook.  Intent is provide an overview about cycling related things, and hopefully enhance possibilities for cycling as well.
  • Started a list on FB personal notes pages about firsts spring flowers, just to remember and observe nature, for personal fun.
  • Added some pics to my boards  at Pinterest – Recycling bicycle parts – a table from TWhites Everyday Bikes bikeshop in Auckland opened few days ago, and added some kitchen ideas to For Our New Home.  The intent of the first one is to help ideation about the future recycling workshops at LinnaBikeShop and the other one is for our new home.

The first virtual picture collage I was experimenting with was pics from a walk to Nuuksio forest with Pete in Facebook 2008. Since then I have been testing different simple and easy ways to do collages, with Picasa, Google + etc. Just for fun of it.

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