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Summer feelings …

20110621_045Days are so packed, with various activities related to INSCO research project, preparing ISSS conference presentations, company visits, meetings etc.  Meanwhile testing out Google+ and setting up Linna Bike Shop and Cafe takes quite some time. And also home and our little dogs need some attention.

Luckily our neighborhood is just amazing during summer, beautiful  nature, old historical buildings and summer concerts in nearby parks. Walking with dogs is so refreshing.





Days have been long,  there is just so much to do, but luckily summer days in Finland are long, and even evening walks can be very  sunny. Luckily also at Linna Bikeshop we can clearly see things progressing, via customer visits, comments, pics of their projects and feedback. It gives such great feeling of achievement so see plans become reality with customers. There is still so much more we can do, and more ideas coming, yet quite a lot that has already accomplished.

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