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Surveys for being social ?

One way of being social is to ask questions and listen very carefully and respectfully the replies.  It is key element of good discussions and dialogue. One way of doing this is to use  surveys.  There are quite a few surveys circulating around, and some people get tired of answering. However, surveys are currently so very easy to do, to share the questions, to analyze them and to share the results.

Today I was playing around with Survey Monkey free version in Finnish.  I had promised to do a communications survey for STO ry , so I created a short survey with Survey Monkey. With free version you can get max 10 questions and max 100 replies, which was enough for us. The survey editor was really easy to use and  changing various question types worked very well also.

But what I liked most was the instant analysis capability, which was even better than before. Now in the free version there was also opportunity to share the results with respondents.  Making surveys even more social.  Looking forward to do the analysis and test out visualization opportunities.

Survey Monkey picAn other good element, simple and basic, but very helpful are on-line Help Center services: tutorials, examples, tips for analysis.   All of this easily available.  Studying and testing out research methods nowadays must be quite different with this kinds of tools available.

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