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Testing out N900…

Just yesterday I was testing out blogging with my new N900 mobile phone. It worked rather well – however, not totally as I wished. The blog post went to my old blog 😉 and it was also a bit challenging to work with a full web page.

So here is the post from yesterday:

Few days ago I finally got my looong waited new gadget N900. During past few days have been setting it up and have tried various features, created direct links to favorite services etc. And it works like a dream, and I’ve decided to use it as much as possible, so far really pleasant experience.

Adding pictures seems to be possible, but rather slow and troublesome compared to Flock. We spent last weekend by summer cottage, very nice especially Ronja enjoyed playing by the lake.

Writing seems to be easy, so I just might end up blogging more often.

Some links dissapeared due to computer update, and David helped me to get back on track. And now all is working again.  Thank you so much !!

I’m really looking forward for new WordPress app for N900, that is under development – it will hopefully make things easier, it looks really promising.

One thought on “Testing out N900…

  1. You have more cool technology … and you seem to be moving more and more to cloud computing.

    You do have the advantage of being on the inside edge with the geeks!

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