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Tuning to Xmas time with wiki & blogging

There is something special in Xmas time, I have always enjoyed winter season and getting ready for Holidays. Yet this the first time I am consciously slowing down, or at least trying to.  When I started to collect various events and activities to Hämeenlinna Xmas -wiki, I decided to select only special few which to attend, experience to cherish.  There are so many things happening around Hämeenlinna in Xmas time, I would not have imagined to find such variety in cultural activities, special events and exhibitions. And it seems that quite a many of these have stared only recently. And I find more activities nearly every day – such an active buzz on-going here. So the favourite events keep changing constantly, which is nice. I like variety, flexibility and changing plans. Creating wiki also allows me to gradually get to know my dear old home town  from new perspectives, little by little I learn more about people, organizations, companies, events, places, activities.

Xmas wiki

And a bit later we also agreed to start a Xmas time blog at Hämeenlinna region with special ladies I met via Twitter Lotta Linko, Eija  Mäkinen and Anna Availa.  We met in Tweetup by Hoff Cafe and chatted about Xmas time in Hämeenlinna, and soon decided to start a blog to share our personal stories, feelings, pictures. It has been already such a pleasure, and looking forward how this will evolve during the next month.

Xmas blog

So I continue experimenting with use of  social media in various contexts, for learning, caring and sharing. And this experiment has been very joyful indeed, and hopefully it will delight other as well.

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