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TweetDeck test for multiple Twitter accounts

I have been tweeting since January 2009 as @MinLii,  in August 2010 I made tweet account for @LinnaBikeShop,  in January I started tweeting related to @INSCOproject and last week I got involved organizing SoMeTime2001 and I’m hosting @SomeTime2011.  So it’s quite a few active accounts.

So I had to look for a solution manage all these accounts in more efficient way- had tried out TweetDeck earlier. But  at that point with only one account, it was not really making things easier. Now it was time to check it out again.


And yes it really adds value in many ways, here are few

  • possibility to tweet one or all accounts at the same time … and I was also tweeting during testing about observations, to make some notes
  • MinLii Minna Takala

    TweetDeck test continuing …. add /change location, picture, tkng vid from webcam, http://yfrog.com/h4u7aip – summer time pic abt home

  • … can set up columns for all accounts friends, mentions, direct messages…
  • … auto url shortening w/ bit.ly, tweet shrnk 4 long tweets, spelling chec… (cont)http://deck.ly/~GloBe

So there are actually very many benefits in using TweetDeck even for one account.  The few things I miss are the design and background picture of my own site, and possibility to check to RTs  that is retweets.

One thing annoying  was automatic notification sound, but luckily it was to find how to turn that off.

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