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Views about using social media

This afternoon I will be participating as a presenter / panelist in a member evening event by Kantti Ry – Kanta-Hämeen Tietotekniikkayhdistys –  IT Association in Centeral Häme Region. It is actually not an evening event, we will start at 3.30 pm at Aina Shop by Kauppakeskus Linna at Hämeenlinna.

The theme of the evening is use of social media, for fun and business, sharing experiences of possible joys and dangers – so very interesting.  I thought to prepare with blogging, to collect my thoughts related to this theme

Personal Social Media Time line  – high lights

2006 – spring LinkedIn – invitation by professor Kirsimarja Blomqvist (#137 771),  early autumn Facebook starting to use Facebook, after Aalto University student’s project presentations at Nokia House, October trials with Second Life – invited by IBM people, trials with use of wikis at Nokia with Paul Janke, using www.Rendez.org based on Drupal, use of Flickr

2007 – February trials with MySpace & blog and later shifting to personal blog Quest & Reflections with WordPress, active use of cooking community site www.Kotikokki.net,

2008 – professional blog Quest at Nokia, creation of Facebook fan pages for Naisten Pankki,  created Facebook group Quality and Connected Life Web 2.0 to prepare for EFQM Forum 2008  in Paris

2009 – start of Twitter use @MinLii, own website www.minnatakala.com mainly for blogging, trials with Ning groups & communities and shared first videos at Nokia VideoHub,  presentations in South Africa & Japan & Finland …

2010 – start of using multiple Twitter Accounts @LinnaBikeshop @INSCOproject, trials with Webs communities

2011 – participation to SoMeTime 2011 preparation and facilitation of @SomeTime2011 Twitter account

So during past 6 years I have been experimenting with several services, browsers, channels personally and professionally – the main intent has been learning new uses and trying them out for personal and professional benefits. I have given several presentations, training sessions, participated in development projects, encouraged people to try out social media in various ways. And here is my list of three recommendations for this evening…   lets’ see how they will change in the future.

  1. Experimental mind –  try out services related to your own interest areas – personal & professional, remember it takes time to learn to use the services and connect with other people
  2. “Coffee shop rule” – share only things – news, pics, stories… that are ok for others to hear, see over your shoulder in a coffee shop, and you don’t mind.
  3. Define your personal desired gain – some people enjoy learning, some look for professional benefits, some want to save time, some want to make money, some aim to help others or save the world – some want to have better connections – and some just wanna have fun 😉  There are so many reasons for using social media – define what is yous and go for it …

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