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Web 2.0 and other tools for small businesses

We are currently testing out and using various simple web 2.0 and other ICT tools in small business context  in everyday business of LinnaBikeShop. We are also planning & implementing various development projects  within the company and together with other companies.  We all have several other activities on-going  and we are seldom in the same place at the same time.  So various kind of   “collaborative web 2.0 services” can hopefully help us getting organized and getting things done.  But which one of these are really helpful, only time will tell.

These are the services we currently use

  • WordPress for blogging  and  general information –,  also sharing info of our activities, while our web pages are being developed
  • Google services: g-mail, docs & calendar  – for basic co-ordination, shared calendars and sharing documents
  • Facebook fanpages Linnan Pyöräverstas / LinnaBikeShop  for interacting with friends and fans, crowdsourcing ideas, creating a community;  there are also company pages with less content
  • Twitter LinnaBikeShop  – has been used for business intelligence, benchmarking, promotion, contacts etc.  There are constantly new kind of events, promotions, news related to cycling and bicycles all over the world
  • Scrumy is used for agile project management practices
  • Doodle for scheduling & organizing events
  • Skype for instant messaging & international phone calls
  • Slideshare for sharing presentations
  • MindMeister for shared mind maps, for documenting ideas & experiences & links discovered via Twitter and Facebook
  • Delicious for recording and sharing bookmarks on various interesting themes

The use cases of these are partially overlapping, and I’m looking into simplifying the portfolio, still there are some services that need to be added as well – e.g. selection of picture and video sharing platform, that we will use in the future. Also  I’m still considering should we create a dedicated wiki pages with MediaWiki,  but so far we have managed without it. Maybe that could be useful for more detailed planning of webpages – but let’s see.

Luckily I’ve learned to use most of these services already earlier. It is quite a handful, and it really takes a while to choose the services that really add value, and honestly help us get things dome. It will be interesting to revisit this list after a while, and reconsider which of these services have really been useful.

3 thoughts on “Web 2.0 and other tools for small businesses

  1. @minlii I haven’t been a fan of Mediawiki on my own domains since some years back, when I discovered that theming was a big issue. I now see web site with free mediawiki skins, so my criticism may not still be valid.

    To get to the next level of sophistication from WordPress, I’ve always preferred Drupal. I started at Drupal 4, and got to Drupal 5, which is still operating fine. While Drupal generally expects technical proficiency than WordPress, I see that Drupal 7 is in beta, so if you wait a few months, you may get a more powerful yet simple web content management system.

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